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Complete List of links - Information on how to raise a concern and / or make a complaint about a health and care professional on our Register - Your Rights and Responsibilites as a Parent The extent to which we can be held responsible for our children's behaviour can be a murky area. This site explains the law and your rights.
Parental separation effects on children - What separation from parents does to children: ‘The effect is catastrophic’ - The Washington PostmenuWashington Post LogoWashington Post Logocommentstwitter Trump’s border policy could cause long-term damage to children’s brains, experts warn. - Roots Foundation Wales - Emma Lewis The Roots Foundation Wales is a volunteer led charity based in Swansea, which aims to support young people in care, care leavers, children in need and adults who have left care with the transition. - Have Your Say: Inquiry Into Children’s Social Workers / Researching Reform The government has launched a consultation into the state of children's social care. The Education Committee's inquiry will look at children's social workers engaged in children's social care with ... - New Study Suggests Children Suffer Most Harm After Entering the Care System / Researching Reform A new study from Australia suggests that a significant number of children who languish inside the care system may be going on to suffer much greater levels of psychological and physical harm than ... - Inter-agency adoption fee: grant for local authorities - GOV.UK Pay and leave, adopting through your council, inter-agency fees, placement, inspection forms. - Children's social care workforce inquiry launched - News from Parliament - UK Parliament Education Committee launches inquiry examining what is needed to ensure social workers can give children and their families the best support and protection. - Forced Adoption – Punishment without crime - Ian

Josephs M.A. (Oxon). Can this really be happening in the UK? Forced adoptions, Secret family Courts, Babies snatched ... Family Justice Council 9th Annual Debate “Adoption without parental consent is wrong in principle” Community Care Social work practice with families is becoming increasingly about mutual distrust and fear, says Maggie Mellon - United Nations

Convention against Torture - Wikipedia. - Human rights - Children's rights - A Guide to Social Services & Legal Proceedings A Guide to Children, Social Services

& Legal Proceedings : Wilson Browne. - Toxic People Affect Kids Too: Know the Signs and How to Explore a Little Deeper - Often, the first sign that toxic people are scraping the lives of our kids is the change in the kids themselves. Know the signs and how to explore deeper. - Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, We are the final stage for complaints about councils, all adult social care providers (including care homes and home care agencies) and some other or... Researching Reform The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has ordered a council to apologise to a grandmother and  pay a total of £400 for its poor handling of a child protection case. The complaints body ... - Make Freedom of Information Requests - Childrens' Services Pembrokeshire County Council Children's Services What we do and how to get in touch with us. We aim to provide support to children, young people and their families who are in need. We are here to help and wherever possible we try to provide services to allow children and young people to stay with their families. Child Care Assessment Team deals with referrals and undertakes assessments and child protection investigations. - Social services and your family - Family Lives A guide to what to expect if social services become involved with your family. - Social Care Wales Portal. - Losing children to foster care endangers mothers' lives Losing children to foster care endangers mothers' lives. Researching Reform Adoption was once viewed as the best solution for children in care, but research has proven that the only winners are councils and companies investing in the process. News | Law Gazette Family justice system 'under sustained and heavy attack' - Munby | News | Law Gazette. - Children Screaming To Be Heard Childrens Social Services Research. Researching Reform The President of the Family Division, Andrew McFarlane, has put out a call for evidence, as part of his review of the current reporting and public access regulations for child proceedings. - Centre for Research on Children and Families The Centre for Research on Children and Families (CRCF) is at the forefront of research on vulnerable children, parenting and family change. .... The Centre for Research on Children and Families... - The 7 principles of public life An overview of the 'Nolan principles', which are the basis of the ethical standards expected of public office holders. - Director of Social Services - Pembrokeshire County Council Director of Social Services. - Independent Worker's Union of Great Britain Independent Worker's Union of Great Britain. - IWGB – Foster Care Workers Union – Working for Rights, Equality and Standards Foster Care Worker's Union. - Family Rights Group The Charity was established in 1974, by a group of lawyers, social workers and academics who were concerned about how families were treated when social services were involved with their children. We work with parents whose children are in need, at risk or are in the care system and with members of the wider family who are raising children unable to remain at home. - Family Lives Listening, supportive and non-judgemental. Coping with the aftermath of having your children removed by child social services Coping with the aftermath of having your children removed by social services, or even being accommodated by the local authority under a voluntary (Section 20) agreement, is a very painful experience for parents and close relatives. This can be a very traumatic experience for the children and their families. - If your child is taken into care If your child is taken into care. - Citizen's Advice Bureau Children and local authority care. - CAB - Social services complaints What to consider before making a complaint about a service received from your local authority social service department. - Children Screaming to be heard Maggie Tuttle. - Swansea - Family Information Service. - Care Quality Commission We make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and we encourage care services to improve. - John Hemming's Web Log. - Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, We are the final stage for complaints about councils, all adult social care providers (including care homes and home care agencies) and some other... - The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) welcomes your queries. However, we advise you to follow the guidelines set out below. Otherwise it may not be possible to respond to your queries. - Equality and Human Rights Commission Call the Equality Advisory and Support Service on 0800 800 0082 if you need information, advice and support on discrimination and human rights issues. - British Institute of Human Rights Charity - PASSuk parents advice on social care. Home PASSuk parents advice on social care, The real facts on children services and social care here in the u.k, we help support families with advice in all areas and issues relating to children services... - Section 20 accommodation. Facebook Advice for families dealing with cafcass, SS and family courts UK has 5,800 members. Child Protection Resource. Harold Stock When Is A Contract Legally Binding? - Pact is a national charity that provides support to prisoners, people with convictions, and their families through a range of services. - Latest news from Children Heard and Seen. - The Sociology of Social Inequality Learn more about social inequality, which results from a society organized by hierarchies of class, race, and gender that broker access to resources and rights. - Contact with child in care - Child in care order Information on care orders including when care orders are made and on the care options for children who are subject to care orders. - psychological assessments — Advice. - How to appeal family court rulings by Holly Lamb - Stowe Family Law It will come as little surprise that judges’ decisions are often questioned. A spouse may feel that the financial settlement was unfair, or a parent may believe they deserve more time with their ... We can assist you regarding an Appeal. Request a Free Initial Consultation (telephone call). Affordable high quality support. - How do I file a human rights violation complaint with the United Nations? - Ask DAG! Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the United Nations. - Swansea Civil and Family Justice Centre Complaints Find out about Swansea Civil and Family Justice Centre Complaints with Resolver. - - International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Support the ITNJ and its JUDICIAL COMMISSIONS of INQUIRY: Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. - CyberTipline Report a child porn/abuse incident. - The 7 principles of public life An overview of the 'Nolan principles', which are the basis of the ethical standards expected of public office holders. - Disability Law service Fighting injustice for disabled people. - Ministers use COVID-19 to destroy children’s safeguards – Article 39 A statutory instrument published this afternoon makes unprecedented changes to regulations (secondary legislation) relating to the care and protection of vulnerable children and young people. - Your right to respect for private and family life Explains how the right to respect for your family and private life is protected by article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998 and when a public authority may be breach the article. - The Human Rights Act 1998 The Human Rights Act allows you to defend your rights in UK courts and ensures that public organisations respect and protect your human rights. - Equality Act 2010 search. Sue Social Services | Farleys Solicitors If you have a claim against social services, Farleys specialist solicitors who can help you sue social services on a no win no fee basis. - Provider of Financial Debt Assumption & Protection Services backed by The G2O2P3 Treaty and US Military Law. Disability charity Scope UK Information about making a claim for compensation due to clinical negligence. - Can I get my kids back? Mark Smith examines the way a Family Court judge dealt with an application for the discharge of a care order. - GM v Carmarthenshire County Council & Anor [2018] EWFC 36 (06 June 2018). - Children Act 1989 An Act to reform the law relating to children; to provide for local authority services for children in need and others; to amend the law with respect to children’s homes, community homes, voluntary... Equality and Human Rights Commission Learn about human rights and our work in Wales. Human Rights are the basic rights and freedoms, based on core principles like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and autonomy. The Welsh Government is firmly committed to promoting children’s rights and has led the way in this area. Our approach is based on our commitment to the principles of the United Nations Convention ... - Signing as V.C. - Vi coactus (under duress) - Wikipedia. - The Last Goodbye When a family say goodbye to each other for the last time when the child is moved to adoption they have to say their last goodbye. - John Hemming Edge Media Theo Chalmers & John Hemming - first of a series of thirteen videos. - National Association of Alienated Parents- Portsmouth Court (Andrew, Kerrie and Kellie Cottam) - YouTube Warning - swearing, although if you're on this page you probably don't care about that. - Kellie Cottam's Clip from Outside Portsmouth Family Court With NAAP - YouTube A short clip of Kellie Cottam working hard to save our children. - Kellie Cottam's YouTube Channel. - Children Matter Youtube Channel Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. - Are pedophiles too sick for punishment_ A new documentary on Michael Jackson raises this question once again. - Why won’t the local authority investigate a child’s complaint? – Special Guardians and Adopters Together Why won’t the local authority investigate a child’s complaint? – Special Guardians and Adopters Together. - • The real story: Victim of sexual abuse speaks out The real story: Victim of sexual abuse speaks out Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic content about child pornography and child sexual abuse. “I am a 19 year old girl and I am a victim of... - I Was Sex Trafficked to Joe Biden, Prince Andrew, Epstein and John McCain - Jessica Collins - Samantha Baldwin on Twitter: "This is what happens when a child discloses sexual abuse. With < 2% conviction rate and then the Family Court waiting to devour your child, what is a loving parent supposed to do? #samanthabaldwin #savemyboys… “This is what happens when a child discloses sexual abuse. With &lt; 2% conviction rate and then the Family Court waiting to devour your child, what is a loving parent supposed to do? #samanthabald... - The aim of the Samantha Baldwin campaign is to expose what really goes on within the secret family courts and to bring about changes through targeted petitions. We want to prevent this from happeni... - Getting abused as a child - YouTube I had to reupload because the quality was awful.... I finally made a video that is personal and not just silly. Wow, editing is no joke. And honestly I didn’... - Vicky Haigh is freed - despite telling her story to the press - Telegraph After her 'manifestly excessive' sentence, a mother and 'model prisoner' is home again. - CONTACT DURING THE COVID-19 LOCKDOWN – Our Experiences' with Children's Services and The Family Court. Today I spoke to Natasha Phillps of Researching Reform about the problems parents and children in care are having with contact during this extraordinary time. You can hear The Voice of the Child ... - im-scared-that-social-distancing-will-be-used-to-cut-my-contact-with-my-child-when-its-over For our twelfth episode, the Voice of the Child looks at new research which suggests children in care are not getting appropriate contact with their birth families during the Coronavirus outbreak. - Our Baby Was Snatched. Santiago's Natural Mother Iolanda Menino and Father Leon Edwards have proof their baby was stolen by the UK Judiciary. 'I Love Santiago' is handmade brand by Santiago's Mother. - Ramsoming and Profiteering of Parental Status by the State - YouTube Owen Lucas. - What do you want the BBC to investigate? - BBC News Tell us what issues and stories you think we should be investigating. - For men's mental health. Community Care A third of social workers are considering quitting the profession in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a Social Workers' Union survey has found. - Babies taken from their mother because of single bruise. - Anne Marie Waters, leader of For Britain, talks about forced adoption and the treatment of vulnerable families in UK. - What Wikipedia says about forced adoption in UK. - Why social services in UK don't consider grandparents as suitable for taking care of their grand children when they have been removed from the parents. Not mentioned here but other family members and friends are also not considered, the aim is to remove a child completely from a family, which is very damaging especially to older children. - Sexual offences in UK (Wikipedia) - Sexual offences in UK (CPS) - Forced adoptions to be investigated by Parliament - Ex post facto law - Wikipedia - Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights - Wikipedia - LawStuff provides free legal information to children and young people - Welfare Checklist - Why you shouldn't tell a child they will never be going back home - Family Lives "We build better family lives together" - Child Law Advice - Family Rights Group - PAIN - Parents Against Injustice - Channel 4 Dispatches - Torn apart by family courts - Get your Police National Computer database details from ACRO in 30 days for free under the freedom of information act. - Forced Adoption - Ian Josephs - Pembrokeshire County Council Freedom of Information Request for Personal Data - Care Orders in UK - What your teenager would like to say to you - Article 39 - Fighting for Childrens rights in Institutional settings - Coram Voice Advocacy - New ‘common sense’ legal guide offers decades of experience and knowledge to advocates (Dr Lynn Brady) - Dr Lynn Brady's guide to complaints in England (book) - "16 and 17 year-olds don’t need this protection and they can manage in accommodation where they don’t receive any care" - Social Care Inspectorate of Wales - Children's Commissioner for Wales - UNICEF UN Convention of Children's rights - Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Edition
Baroness - Baroness Helena Kennedy QC has been fighting for human rights, especially women's inequality - Kinship care - Interception of Communications Code of Practice - UK surveillance powers explained (Full details in link below this one) - IPC - Investigatory Powers​ ​Commission - When autistic people commit sexual crimes - Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Recognising the Problem - Cruel forced adoptions are still happening today (The Guardian) - The UK’s forced adoption scandal was state-sanctioned abuse (The Guardian) - The former wife of a Methodist Minister has been jailed for contempt of court after repeatedly accusing him of abuse. - Family Law Playlist on Youtube by Black Belt Barrister - Statistics: children in need and child protection. - Free Representation Unit. Providing free legal representation for the public

and advocacy experience for junior lawyers. - We Are Advocate. Advocate is a charity that finds free legal assistance from volunteer barristers. - Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 - Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 easy reading for Children - Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 easy reading for Adults - Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 overview - THE PROPORTIONALITY OF NON-CONSENSUAL ADOPTION IN ENGLAND AND WALES UNDER S52(1)(B) OF THE ADOPTION AND CHILDREN ACT 2002 - Search for PDF documents out of a repository of over 78 million books, all free to read online - Teen banned from speaking in dad's defence over abuse claims is given voice back by appeal court judges - How can I get an Advocate? Coram Voice will help you if you are in care, leaving care, have or need a social worker. We will get your voice heard, tell you about your rights, give you the support you need through our advocates and work with you to improve the care system - Urban Scoop with episode two of "Rape of Britain" - What is the difference between a care order and a supervision order? - BBC to air damning probe into Herefordshire child services - Panorama: Protecting Our Children: A Balancing Act - UK Database of known sex offenders