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Please bear with us while we get this website off the ground. Current content has been copied and pasted so colours and formatting may be wrong, as well as other things. We do check to make sure links are working. If anything isn't working then please try again in a few days. Thank you.



Babies taken from their mother because of single bruise

Anne Marie Waters, leader of For Britain, talks about forced adoption and the treatment of vulnerable families in UK

What Wikipedia says about forced adoption in UK

Why social services in UK don't consider grandparents as suitable for taking care of their grand children when they have been removed from the parents. Not mentioned here but other family members and friends are also not considered, the aim is to remove a child completely from a family, which is very damaging especially to older children

Sexual offences in UK (Wikipedia)

Sexual offences in UK (CPS)

Forced adoptions to be investigated by Parliament

Ex post facto law - Wikipedia

Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights - Wikipedia

LawStuff provides free legal information to children and young people

Welfare Checklist

Why you shouldn't tell a child they will never be going back home

Family Lives "We build better family lives together"

Child Law Advice

Family Rights Group

PAIN - Parents Against Injustice

Channel 4 Dispatches - Torn apart by family courts

Get your Police National Computer database details from ACRO in 30 days for free under the freedom of information act.

Forced Adoption - Ian Josephs

Pembrokeshire County Council Freedom of Information Request for Personal Data

Care Orders in UK

What your teenager would like to say to you

Article 39 - Fighting for Childrens rights in Institutional settings

Coram Voice Advocacy

New ‘common sense’ legal guide offers decades of experience and knowledge to advocates (Dr Lynn Brady)

Dr Lynn Brady's guide to complaints in England (book)

"16 and 17 year-olds don’t need this protection and they can manage in accommodation where they don’t receive any care"

Social Care Inspectorate of Wales

Children's Commissioner for Wales

UNICEF UN Convention of Children's rights

Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Edition

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC has been fighting for human rights, especially women's inequality.

Kinship care

Interception of Communications Code of Practice

UK surveillance powers explained (Full details in link below this one)

IPC - Investigatory Powers​ ​Commission

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